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Tuesday, 28. April 2015

Contemporary House Plans - Wow!

By unicron13, 02:01

If you're planning to have a modern house plan, so you know how expensive it is. There are a lot of stuff you need to look at, and with the bills in mind, it may be difficult to strive for your dream house. When your budget is your worst enemy, you can remember some things to help you save a great deal more money in the long run. You do not have to compromise your dream home designs plans just because you don't have enough money as of the moment. You can get your dream modern house plan even on a tight budget with a few simple tips. prebuilt cabins.

Before anything else, plan your house. A house plan can be the most budget friendly tip you can follow because you'll be able to calculate any necessary expenses. Then, if you go just over the budget, you can simply modify the home design plans to fit what you have. Modern house plans are a major way to design your house as well, as you'll be able to consider all the factors first.

The best thing to do would be tantamount to look at already available home design plans which are being offered by real estate agents. They are an easy way to obtain an idea what house plan you want. This will also be very useful when you need to ask me about modern house plans. It is always glad to be updated about the various contemporary designs, and the way they might work for your dream home.

Also, you can try to look at various display homes for sale. They are a great way to save up on money, and get a beautiful house. They are specifically designed to maximize the space and area on a certain land, you can therefore be able to utilize the house to your full advantage.

It is good to first look at different design homes before buying a display house. This will let you select the specifications of your new dream house. There are a great deal of design houses available for you to choose from. Depending on the type of house plans and designs you're looking for; choose the one that is best suited to your preferences. Consider the use and the role of the home, as well as those who'll inhabit the space.

You will likewise be able to select from a variety of different house designs. If contemporary and modern is more your taste, then you should opt for houses with geometric shapes and hard, sharp lines. These are the common characteristics of modern architecture. However, if you like classic house designs, try looking and reviewing different house design to choose which one you think will be best for your dream house.

Keep in mind to search for the right home builder so that your chosen modern house plan is affordable and fits to your savings and budget.


Saturday, 03. January 2015

Personal Loan - Elements To Consider

By unicron13, 19:35

Monetary crisis isn't just a fluke. These you can overcome instantly. The crisis deepens more, if you fail to organize the funds, in order to overcome the expenses. If due to some reason, your financial resources aren't able to take care of the crisis at hand, then you'll be asked to derive the funds through other means.  Since you're in need of funds to cope with your own expenses, it'd be ideal to rely upon the supply of personal loans. These loans are indeed a smart choice, as it makes way for you to obtain the funds with the best possible terms.

As the name suggests, the funds derived through unsecured personal loanscan be utilized to serve various personal needs and demands. The loans can be acquired by any individual applicant, regardless of financial background and credit history. Depending on your specific need and requirement, you can now cover expenses on wedding, clear past debts, purchase a car, renovation of home, going for a holiday and so forth. Read up on the following blog, complete article.

Secured personal loans can be used for multi purposes. These loans can be used only for fulfilling any of your personal requirements like paying for education or wedding bills, home improvements, going to a holiday trip, buying a new dream car, purchasing durable goods and debt consolidation.

The Details: Personal Loan

By availing the services of personal loans, you'll never have to face any monetary crisis, in context to fulfilling your needs and demands.

Click this link;

Monday, 01. December 2014

Advice About Emergency Cash

By unicron13, 03:37

The best thing about the secure emergency cash advance loan is that it doesn't require any credit check for the subject of approval. It is an unsecured loan where you don't have to put any collateral against the amount that you're borrowing. The only thing that is secure is because you get guaranteed cash-usually within just a pair of hours.

Sometimes when you've got to meet some emergency financial requirements and don't have enough money with you, applying for this loan is perhaps the most viable option. I always have a fear of rejection in asking friends or colleagues to perform the favor. A' No' from them can be very embarrassing as well. But, when it comes to applying for secure emergency cash advance loan, there's no fear of rejection. Okay, in case you would like some other facts related to emergency cash, visit article continued here.

Emergency cash loans provide you instant cash. They can be availed through an online application in less than 24 hours. These loans are the responses to all the financial questions you'd be facing. You have to fill an online application to request the loan and the lender will credit the money in your account in just one day. Lender won't ask you to provide any paper or any other document it this regard. So the people who're having bad credit shouldn't worry as this wouldn't be a cause for rejection of their application.

Hot Topic: Emergency Cash

Even bad credit doesn't disqualify you for these loans. If you have a steady source of revenue and a checking account in your name, you can easily get up to 1500 dollars the very same day. In most cases, the money is directly deposited into your bank account within 24 hours. The only thing of concern is the large rate of interest that is charged. However, it's important for you to realize that the high rate on secure emergency cash advance loan isn't because of your bad credit score. It is the same for everybody, irrespective of the credit score. Examine ;

Credit check isn't required as part of the process of these loans, as a question of fact. And therefore, people struggling with bad credit scores like defaults, arrears, foreclosure, skipping of installments, due payments, missed payments, CCJs, IVA, et cetera are acceptable to get money through emergency cash loans no credit check without any fear of credit checking. Thus, in today's time there is no matter of credit verification and so anyone can enjoy the finance without any hesitation and obstruction. Remember that you've got to meet with some certain conditions akin to be a permanent citizen of United Kingdom, you require to be adult or 18 years old of age, and you're holding a valid active bank account and you gotta have a fulltime income.

The interest rate differs from one lender to another. In general, it may vary from just 40 per cent to as much as 300%. You evidently do not want to go with those lenders that are charging an interest rate it is in three figures. The only way to achieve a good deal's in a bit of research. It always pays to do thorough comparison-shopping.

Do not just go with any secure emergency cash advance loan lender that you come across. Explore your options to find out which one of them's offering you the most affordable deal. Even 40% of interest rate may seem like a big figure for you, however, if you calculate the actual amount of interest payable, you wont find it that big. The interest on secure emergency cash advance loan is charged on a per annum basis and you've got to pay interest only for one or two weeks. If you would calculate it on a weekly basis, you'll be surprised to find that the actual amount of interest wouldn't exceed 10-20 dollars.

You can apply for secure emergency cash advance loan literally within the same day using the online facility in the Internet. You can also obtain 1000 dollars payday loan online with simple requirements and quick application.

Monday, 24. November 2014

Discussing Delta Airlines

By unicron13, 17:43

Delta is maybe one of my favorite airlines. Part of what has attracted me to this carrier has been its history of success over the decades. Curious about how Delta has been in a position to survive when other carriers have failed, including TWA, Eastern and Pan Am, I thought it might be worthwhile to look at Delta Airlines through the eyes of Henry Mintzberg, a business theorist who envisioned some companies as 'machine bureaucracies'.

Founded in 1928, Delta Airlines is based in Atlanta, Georgia. One of the most important American airlines, Delta is likewise the second largest airline of the world in the area of passenger carried, third largest in the area of revenue passenger and sixth in terms of operating revenues. It maintains alliance with SkyMiles. It operates both international and domestic flights. Delta airlines flight status is available at all the major hubs of this airline. 1, 632 flights are operated by this airline on a daily basis. The subsidiaries of Delta Airline are Comair, Delta Shuttle and Delta AirElite. More delta airlines info: click for the full story.

Delta operates both international and domestic flights that cover South America, North America, Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, the Middle East, and the Caribbean islands. The subsidiary of the airline is Delta Connection and they jointly run more than 4, 000 flights on a daily basis. Flights are available to 356 places in 65 nations. The fleet has more than 700 aircrafts and the airlines hires over 80, 000 employees around the world to look after its customers. Travel classes include Business Elite, Domestic First Class, Domestic Economy Class, International Economy Class, and Economy Comfort Class.

And Now For More Delta Airlines

These types of organizations usually have very formal operating rules with a centralized power structure - meaning power arises from the top. ' Machine Bureaucracy ' type companies also have elaborate administrative structures that flow between management and front line staff. Go look at :

I figured this would be a good company to use as an illustration of the ultimate machine bureaucracy given the size and reach of Delta Airlines.

I've also included some proposals for the future that Delta might want to consider, contextualized using Mintzberg's structural model.

Delta Airlines Inc., operating as Delta Airlines is one of the great passenger airline in the United States according to the majority of the current data.

Delta is a publicly traded company that has been on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol DAL.

The airline operates an extensive domestic and international network, serving nearly all continents with the exception of Antarctica.

Starting off as an aerial crop dusting business that was jointly owned by B.R Coad and Collet Woolman, the company began operations May 30, 1924 as Huff Deland Dusters in Macon, Georgia. In 1928, Woolman purchased all of the actions of the company and renamed the organization Delta Air Service.

The company renaming was in large part inspired by the geologic flood plain known as the Mississippi Delta, a distinctive northwest part of the state of Mississippi that lies between the Mississippi and Yazoo rivers.

In 1929, Woolman bought three small aircraft and began scheduled passenger service from cities in Louisiana and Mississippi to Dallas, Texas.

During this short period of time, Delta technically could be classified as a simple structure, using Mintzberg's Organizational Structure Model. This was because Delta had only a small number of employees, in which Woolman himself supervised while also operating the tiny company.

Here, we see Woolman acting as the strategic apex and the small group of employees as the organization's operating core. This time period for Delta as a 'simple structure ' would be short lived because over the next few decades, Delta would grow to be one of the largest passenger airlines on the planet.

The merger of the Northwest Airlines and Delta Airlines was completed on October 2008. The Delta became the largest airline in the entire world after the said transaction. Northwest Airlines operated as subsidiary of the Delta Airlines for a few months since the operating certificates weren't yet finished. The ticket counters and gates were consolidated by February 2009. All the Northwest Airlines signs were replaced by the Delta. This integration continued until the year 2010. By then, the operation center of the Northwest Airlines was transferred to the Delta headquarters in Atlanta GA.

The Federal Aviation Administration issued the new operating certificate. Complete integration was finished in January 2010. Even the website of the Northwest Airlines is now merged with Delta Airlines. When you access the airline's old URL, you'll be automatically redirected to the official website of Delta. Last January 2011, the last planes of the Northwest livery, the five McDonnell Douglas DC-9-40s, were retired.

It was Colonel Lewis Brittin that founded the Northwest Airlines in September 1926. Back then, it was called Northwest Airways. The main purpose of the airlines is to fly mails to the US Post Office, and not for taking passengers. The mail route of the fledgling airline was in Chicago and Minneapolis. Northwest Airlines used the Waco JYM and the Curtiss Oriole during the early years. This is a 6-passenger plane. The Northwest Airlines only started to take passengers in 1927. The Hamilton H-45 and the H-47 was used since 1928.

A lot changes were introduced in the next years. Indeed, the airline's one of the best and most popular airlines in the US. There are scores of locations where the airlines have served the Americans. Even if it ceased operations, the Northwest Airlines is going to be part of the US history.

As a result of the Air Mail Act of 1934, Woolman secured government mail contracts for Delta, transforming the company from tiny tri-state carrier to a larger, southern based airline.

It was during this period that Delta began to characteristically transform from a simple structure to an expanding machine bureaucracy, using Mintzberg's structural configuration model.

Essentially, Delta was forced to take a new model as the company was growing too large for one or two people to operate. This transformation was in large part fueled by lucrative government mail contracts.

During the 1940 's, Delta was an early beneficiary of the Civil Aeronautics act of 1938. These in turn created the Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB), a governmental agency that granted approval to air carriers to fly to and from A given destination The CAB favored Delta due to its safety record, which was starkly different from other airlines of the time such as United Airlines and TWA.

The award of these lucrative mail contracts to Delta during these yearly years was an important growth factor for the company.

Due to rapid expansion as well as the need for centralized control over the company by management, Delta moved its corporate headquarters to Atlanta, Georgia in 1941. The company also began to upgrade its fleet to larger planes and added flight attendants during this decade.

This international airline fits the mold of a machine bureaucracy in that important decisions regarding operations, staffing and funds are made entirely at the strategic apex while day to day operations are controlled by managers.

The management structure at Delta is vertical in nature as is true in most all machine bureaucracies. Communication channels are also vertical in nature, meaning information stems from the top of the strategic apex down to its operating core.

A size advantage, dominating the marketplace, especially in the southern part of the United States, the Midwestern region and along the entire east coast corridor.

There are other strengths connected to Delta's machine bureaucracy, including its very strong domestic and international network, with major hubs in New York, Cincinnati, Salt Lake City, Minneapolis, Detroit and of course Atlanta, its worldwide headquarters. International hubs include Amsterdam and Tokyo, giving the company a European and Asian base of operations.

Delta's sheer size, with a fleet of nearly 700 aircraft flying to 318 destinations in 59 countries across six continents certainly gives this organization advantages over its competitors, such as American Airlines, United Airlines and to a limited degree, Southwest Airlines.

Important decisions being made at its strategic apex and communicated downward can in some ways be an advantage, as Delta has a structured process for imparting information to employees vertically. The top down structure at Delta also helps the company maintain clear lines of coverage, with information flowing vertically.

The machine bureaucracy at Delta doesn't come without some negative consequences. Paradoxically, just as the structured environment at the company that has helped Delta also causes harm.

Ongoing problems with workgroups who've reported feeling financially exploited by management in search of profit.

Delta's sheer size presents problems for the carrier as it is especially difficult to manage such a large organization with such a large employee base, scattered across six continents.

The airline industry is highly competitive and highly volatile. Attempting to work for a long term growth model for the future, Delta merged with Northwest Airlines in 2008. While the end result was one less airline to contend with [ Northwest folded into Delta ] it has also set up a much larger 'mega-carrier '. This hardens the bureaucratic model. It is important to note that Delta is a profitable company in its current form, posting a quarterly profit of eighty-million for the first quarter of 2013.

At this moment, things appear to be 'working ' at Delta. However, because of the instability of the airline industry, mainly attributable to a fluctuating fuel prices, coupled with recent mergers of carriers such as American Airlines and U.S. Air, the current operating model and structure isn't a guarantee of future success. What follows are two practical suggestions for Delta in order for the airline to stay on a glide scope of profitability, stability and growth.

Grow the future. Delta should continue to search for opportunities to grow, primarily through acquisitions and mergers. The number of available airlines to acquire however is relatively small as there are only a few of carriers left in the United States. One company to consider is Alaska Airlines, a regional airline that operates primarily along the western coast of the United States and Alaska. Delta has a relatively small presence on the west coast when compared to United Airlines and American Airlines.

Re-think communications. Delta has serious problems with its employee groups, particularly the flight attendants and ground support workers who may want to unionize. Many of the Delta employees in cities such as Minneapolis and Detroit are former Northwest Airlines employees, who were represented by collective bargaining units pre-merger. One of the main complaints against Delta by workers, which also happens to be fueling unionization efforts, is a 'top down ' communication style used by the company. One option for Delta to consider is a relatively open communication style, allowing the free movement of information up and down the company's current vertical structure.

There is some evidence this method is effective, as evidenced by the turn around at Continental Airlines [now merged with United Airlines ]. At Continental, the company chief executive at the time, Gordon Bethune, made drastic changes to how employees communicated with one another and helped to play an airline that was failing to success.

Delta Airlines has grown from a tiny crop dusting carrier in the southern United States to a globally competitive, profitable airline. Starting off as a simple structure, the company quickly turned into a machine bureaucracy. The company has much strength, fueled by its competitive route structure, both domestically and internationally. Delta's sheer size and dominance in the southern and eastern of the United States alone makes it hard for smaller carriers and start-ups to gain entry.

Delta's positives can also act as negatives. The company's largeness makes communications with employee groups challenging. Additionally, front line employees have reported a 'disconnect' between how workers are understood and dealt with by the management team.

Delta's machine bureaucracy appears to have served it well since the 1940's. The company however, needs to remain vigilant against problems with labor while also assessing its response to ongoing consolidation in the airline industry. Delta must continue to seek ways to grow.

Friday, 14. November 2014

High Tech Automotive Simplified

By unicron13, 22:49

A lot of people are someone unsure as to what a locksmith is in general, so I thought that I would clarify or 'shed light' on the matter. A locksmith whether residential, automotive, or commercial (usually they're all three), is a person for hire, who has the capacity to create keys, re-key, re-pin locks, adjust the combination of safes, repairs locks (automotive, doors, etc.), picks locks, adjusts locks, bypasses security systems, servicing locking mechanisms, and manipulates security locking devices so that they're intended for what the client would like to do, in a manner other than intended by the manufacturer. Those security devices can vary from mechanical devices, electrical devices, safes, vaults, deposit boxes, lock boxes, lockers, automatic teller machines, automobiles, even bank vaults. That's why each professional locksmith for hire must be licensed and insured, seeing as they potentially have the capacity to access 'precious valuables' in any area, at any time.

Friday, 07. November 2014

Solutions For Android App Download

By unicron13, 02:01

In earlier days mobile phones were used just for making phone calls. Nowadays mobile phones aren't only utilized just for making calls as they have countless uses, they can serve as a web browser, tablet, camera, pc, music player, T.V.and much more. Mobiles have changed our lives utterly and have become an important part of our lives.Currently the many of its users is increasing gradually, asthe facilities are also increasing.One of the most extensively used operating system these days in mobile phone is android. InitiallyAndroid Inc. was founded in Palo Alto of California, U.S. by Rich miner, Nick sears, Andy Rubin, and Chris White. Later it was acquired by Google.

Friday, 31. October 2014

Connect Ipad Iphone Revealed

By unicron13, 22:04

Apple has grown in popularity over the last decade since the publication of new computers-- Macs and Macbooks-- and the publication of the iPhone and iPad. With popularity so high, other software must be put in place to fit the new and unique operating system of Macs, so more people can use the same great software, but on the unity of their choice. Most third party software was developed for Microsoft Windows. However, now it's being developed for Mac use.

Monday, 27. October 2014

High Tech Batteries - A Closer Look

By unicron13, 13:43

As you know that battery is a very important aspect of the cell phone without a battery the cell phone won't work properly. It is something that gives the authority and energy to your cell phone. With the help of this your device can perform in a far better way. If it is lack the energy or power very quickly then the communication device won't perform effectively and efficiently at all. And the user will face many problems in situations of highly need. Thousand of batteries have already been taken by the famous manufacturer companies such as Nokia, Motorola, and Siemens etc. Motorola is also either of the famous cell phone batteries manufacturing companies.

Friday, 24. October 2014

The Latest About Cheap Blackberry Torch

By unicron13, 07:55

Cheap BlackBerry phones aren't impossible to find. In fact, it is rather easy to find them as long as people look in a wide variety of places. Find out where to look, who to talk to, and the type of deals that would be perfect for a BlackBerry shopper on a budget.

Monday, 20. October 2014

Bluetooth Ipad Iphone

By unicron13, 19:02

One of the two, iPad and iPhone 5, you have to be far more acquainted with the latter since the first is comparatively new. Nevertheless, this Apple system, I.e. iPad continues to be able to produce lots of revenue due to reviews that are positive, substantial ads and testimonials. Also, the top features of the iPad are such that people are drawn to it and they need to acquire it, the only real capture within the condition being that they are not extremely assured of the very fact that this product could create a great deal. Since this can be a very different device if you presently have an iPhone and you have been using it for some time now then you will probably be thinking about buying an iPad.

If you are a massive fan of reading ebooks then you must get the iPad, despite the fact that there is an application on iPhone called iBooks. Which means former makes a much greater choice in regards to displaying ebooks and the reason being the size of the display of iPad is very large in contrast to that of an iPhone. The size of an iPad screen is 9.7 inches as the size of an iPhone screen is 3.5 inches, therefore it cannot outmatch iPad in this instance, even when iPhone provides amazing Retina show. Still another benefit of utilizing the iPad for reading books is the fact that you will not need to strain your eyes for reading small fonts. Ergo, for similar and reading actions, it's best to choose the iPad.

When it comes to pixel density, the crown is taken by iPhone because since the density of this scheme is 326pi, this convenience comes with an extremely high res and the visual display is simply mind-blowing. Which means iPhone could be a perfect option for viewing videos and movies. Nevertheless if you are not so specific about the display quality and you simply would rather view the movies on a bigger screen then you must opt for the iPad. When it comes to storage, iPad offers more choices, I.e. 64GB and 16GB, 32GB as the iPhone only offers two storage choices, 16GB and 32GB. This really is no problem because 32GB is ample for a mobile phone.

The iPad and iPhone 5 are two different services and products and the former is nearer to a notebook, as the latter is, rather, a multi-functional mobile phone. IPad is much like a device-you should use it for storing your projects information, activities, music, pictures, and movie selection to mention just a couple functions. I.e. 64GB must be improved through various channels and is not really enough for iPad users, consequently, as it is a lot more like a pc its maximal potential.

With the aid of an iPad you will have the capacity to sort and send messages and documents quickly. You can turn the iPad and utilize it in the landscape style if you want to use a larger workshop then. In case you are uncomfortable with the in-built keyboard of iPad then you may also still have a real keyboard attached to it both via Bluetooth or with the help of cables.

Saturday, 18. October 2014

Investigating Apple Ios Features

By unicron13, 22:38

Apple has introduced a number of important innovations since the first introduction of the iPhone in 2007. It is safe to be said that the mobile phone industry has ever been the same since then. However, iPhone users are always hoping for more features to increase their use of the device.

According to foreign media reports, Apple has finally released the long-awaited new operating system's iOS 4.2, now allows iPad, iPhone and iPod touch users to download. In the industry view, since the iPad the market since most consumers have been looking forward to this new system. IOS 4.2 system to expand the number of new features, including multitasking, folder support, AirPlay and AirPrint and so on.These features will likewise lead to the rise in many iPad users to quickly update this operating system.

Thursday, 25. September 2014

Underwater Inspection?

By unicron13, 00:38

Are you looking for such the Underwater Camera that'll help you see all the happing under the water or the holes?if Yes then bring the Portable 50m Underwater Monitor with CCD Camera today in your home. This is such the beautiful and attractive Underwater Camera that can be quite handy for your daily uses. You can keep you safe and sound with this Underwater Camera.The underwater camera system is intended to connect to your TV, VCR, LCD TV or some digital video camera/camcorders with an A/V input. You can see all the happing in the water, either in the hole on you big screen easily with this Underwater Camera. There is a' Gender Adaptors' that will help you in the event your digital video camera can not accept male RCA plugs. You can even get this lovely Underwater Camera in different designs and colors.

The underwater camera system is perfect for use on your home TV or can even use the Underwater Camera on TV's found on cruise or dive boats, you can view all the thing easily with this Underwater Camera.this Underwater Camera can also help you to Show children what goes on in the lower part of the sea, lake, fishpond or aquarium. We guarantee you that your child will be very pleased to see all the happenings. You can be in a position to look down under the wells and can even use this Underwater Camera for searching dams, rivers and flooded mine shafts. This Portable 50m Underwater Monitor with CCD Camera is very small to operate and is light in weight. Underwater Camera can likewise be kept in your small bags. Find out more about the following website; click here for the rest of the story.

You can Search sink holes, look down pipe or large drain holes for missing pets or children with the Underwater Camera. Marine departments mostly use the Underwater Camera to check for damage, inspect boats or search for wrecks. Any type of faults under the boat can easily be seen with this Underwater Camera. Farmers can use underwater camera to inspect the underside of wells, tanks and dams and to check drains and pipes for root/branches/leaf clogs and blockages. So with all the unique features if you like to purchase the Underwater Camera than just dial us and order us for the Underwater Camera. We promise you to make you available as quickly as possible. You can even use our website for getting more information about the Underwater Camera.

But, What About?

I have taken part in the inspection & cleaning of water storage tanks & towers since 1992. During that time I have helped develop innovative in-service cleaning methods & equipment for potable water storage facilities. Over the years these progressive methods have saved my customers millions of gallons of treated drinking water. Starting in 1997 My company was among the first to use Remotely Operated Vehicles for water tank inspections, we now use custom made underwater cameras for most tanks and deploy the ROV's in larger facilities. Divers can also be used in order to inspect water storage tanks & towers if more detail is needed. I think divers are the most practical way to maintain the systems clean. First, you do not waste any treated drinking water taking the facility out of service, the diver enters that tank completely sealed in his own environment the diver & all equipment is then washed down with a chlorine solution to meets State & AWWA standards. Secondly, you can avoid dewatering the sediment. Keeping the sediment in a semi liquid state enables you to move it quickly. After the tank is drained a few inches of soft sediment that could have easily been removed with a trash pump is now compressed and dried to a third of its original depth becoming hard like clay and difficult to scrape out of the tank. Removing hard' Dewatered' sediment is also hard on the painted metal floor of the tank. The scaring and scratches put into the painted face of the floor will shortly be replaced with corrosion that will start a process of metal loss on the floor. Those who are truly interested in this topic, research;

The equipment entering the tank should be purchased for and only used in potable water storage. This is where selecting a contractor is important; some company's cater to serving the water utility industry while others do the majority of their work offshore, serving the oil & gas industry. A company that dedicates all of their time and recourses to inspecting and cleaning potable water storage tanks may be a safer choice.

DinoDirect possesses a great many software products with proprietary intellectual property rights, owns technological superiority and an efficient marketing team among the similar industry.

Thursday, 18. September 2014

Trending Exchange Activesync Android

By unicron13, 19:14

Symbian operating system (Symbian OS), RIM Blackberry operating system (RIM Blackberry OS), and Android operating system (Android OS) and so on, which one will you choose? Sometimes, a mobile operating system can reflect a person's lifestyle.

Monday, 15. September 2014

Craving More Emerging Technology Stocks?

By unicron13, 23:08

More and more people are starting to look online to make money. Not just for some extra spending money, but for a livable income. While this is a wonderful dream to have, it is not so farfetched. Tons of people are making incredible sums of money without even having to give up their house.

Saturday, 06. September 2014

Explain Artificial Intelligence Advice

By unicron13, 10:29

There seems to be a great deal of confusion as to what scan tools can and cannot do. We will attempt to clarify this and more importantly explain what scan tools are. To understand scan tools we must first understand how they came into existence.

Saturday, 16. August 2014

Exploring Sensor Technology

By unicron13, 18:01

It has been observed that car accidents have led to a lot of damage to human lives and properties. But most of these accidents can be avoided. The car industry is continually researching and studying to find solutions in avoiding car accidents. Parking Dynamics, the industry's leading manufacturer of parking sensors, has taken into consideration the fact that parking a vehicle can be unsafe for both motorists and pedestrians in more ways than one. The company is trying to take out that risk through its innovative no-holes, discrete, and absolutely dependable electromagnetic parking sensor technology like the reverse parking sensor.

Most of the newest lines of parking sensors are intended to detect and to meet the physical inducements such as human activity, heat, and light. The parking sensor can assist the driver in squeezing through tight situations, avoiding scratches, or any damage in the car. In the event you are after a lot more answers associated with Keywordphrase, point your browser at click here for more.

Parking Dynamics explains that through a conduit of sound the drivers are warned of person, an object, or another car found behind their vehicle. This prevents incidents such as dangerous collisions, bumps, and unwanted scratches. The reverse parking sensor works in any conditions and can be installed in all types of motor vehicles. The electronic device enables the driver to park without hassle. It is as if there's an eye behind the driver's back to assist him or her navigate through parking spaces. With a reverse parking sensor installed on your car, there can be no problem with its application, reliability, and superior ability to avoid errors when parking, especially in tight areas.

Controversial Sensor Technology?

This innovative technology is already in use in a number of the high-end cars. The reverse parking sensors from Parking Dynamics are affordable and can be fitted on any car. The parking sensor works well with all types of cars, 4x4s, vans, motorhomes, and caravans. Installation of the reverse parking sensor is easy and simple. The package includes an instructional material which any handy man can follow. You can even do it yourself. Drilling small holes is normally done only in older cars. Car manufacturers have included small holes in key points for devices such as parking sensors. Mounting options range from the traditional flush fitting sensors to individual adhesive sensors. For those who are looking for this topic; take a look at;

Although several luxuries cars comes with an already fitted electromagnetic parking sensor. But, it proves to be boon for those cars that doesn't have such facility. They can install this wonderful sensor and prevent their car from all these ugly dents. One can easily install the parking sensor, with the assistance of the information brochure that is given along with the acquisition of the product.

You can only see clearly in front when you're driving your car. With only the rear view mirror and the side mirrors to guide you, it isn't unnatural to get scared when you're parking backwards into a tight area. This is where the reverse parking sensor can be your eyes behind your back. You can easily manage to park without fear of hitting anything with these installed on your car.

The parking sensor has helped a lot of motorists easily avoid common car accidents. Accidents of this sort are 33 percent human error considering human limitations. Drivers need help and parking sensor such as the reverse parking sensor is just what Parking Dynamics recommends.

Parking Dynamics supplies, manufactures, and distributes parking sensors for various car models. Their experience in the sensor business has made them the leader with their innovative PD1 electromagnetic technology. This online store provides retailers and trade customers the chance of direct buying saving them some money and time. In just a day, car owners and drivers can have a parking sensor fitted into their vehicles driving off to safety and peace.

Friday, 08. August 2014

Aspects Of Google Play Store App Download For Iphone

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Google announced the digital media store for Android that is like iTunes in Apple. From this store, we can download and buy any form of digital media apps, games, music and movies. These are updated in order that we can get what we want latest of our choice. From the large collection, we can easily search according to the categories divided in the store. We do not have to wait for long time in the traffic as we go to the stores for buying CD's or DVD's of the music and movies. We do not need to search through the shelves for our choice of games, music and movies. Google really makes it easy for the children and youngsters who love to watch movies, to hear the music and playing games on their mobile phones. Some wish to have Apple iPhone. However, now they do not need it. They can get all the facilities through their Android phone.

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Saturday, 02. August 2014

Practical Iphone Mobile Security

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To most of us, when we think about security and the iPhone we're thinking about protecting it from viruses and the like, as well as how to keep your information secure should the worst happen and your iPhone gets stolen. There are apps that can help with these two things. Indeed the majority of them come with additional security measures you probably did not even think of.

Of course, being the versatile device that it is, you can also use your iPhone for keeping a watchful eye on your home with some useful CCTV apps. And do not think we have forgotten the security issue of your iPhone storing location data either.

Crazy Things About Iphone Mobile Security

Whatever the security issue you have in mind, the following guide will have some top app reviews, round-ups and tips to give you peace of mind.

We'll start with the basics and get you set up with an iPhone password. If you do not know how to proceed or what it is useful for, then please read on. Security may not become a fascinating subject but you will be glad you made a few basic steps when you realize how easy it is to put up.

These security features allow you to rest easy knowing that your personal information cannot be used against you. No one likes to have something stolen from them whether it's an object or personal information. It's nice knowing that if you ever happen to misplace your Apple mobile device, you can quickly and effectively protect this information and to avoid the device from being used by an unauthorized user.

This article takes the word 'security' and applies it in a highly general form. This makes it an ideal place to start our guide. Included here are apps that enable you to see CCTV footage directly on your iPhone and those apps that enable you to sweep your iPhone to reveal any security holes or network breaches.

Swann security systems enable you to look at multiple cameras from your home at the same time. To do this it sends those images directly to a DVR and then to your iPhone. The advantage of this setup is that there's no third party servers and so it is much more secure, something that is extremely important to those who're worried enough about security to have cameras and this app. Of course you'll need to utilize the Swann security cameras in order to obtain value out of this which limits it too much to get five stars.

As with many security minded apps this isn't as simple as you'd like because it has to be very secure. This mean that in order to display a camera you'll need to be aware of the name, address, port, user ID and password of each camera. If you know this information the setup is very easy with the default screen being the cameras. Simply touch the + sign and it was to be you to the roster of cameras and from there you can define new cameras very easily.

As an iPhone user you're jolly well protected from viruses and malware but it never hurts to make sure you're covered and protected against the bad stuff! Find out all your options for virus protection here.

Get the lowdown on what the real security risks are that your iPhone is open to, and see how you can keep your iPhone and your personal details safe.

There are some easy steps you can follow to make sure your iPhone is protected with the tools and menus you already have on your phone. Let us guide you as part of the process to ease your security fears in mere minutes.

Security cameras are easy to keep your hands on now and are a great way to deter intruders as well as offer peace of mind. Hooking them up to a regime on your iPhone takes things one step further as you can maintain your eye on your home when you're away, keep tabs on a babysitter, or even use it instead of a baby monitor.

Although the procedure for developers getting apps approved to enter the App Store means that viruses and malware are not something you ought to be overly concerned about, of course there's still some questions to be aware of. When you're surfing the Internet on your iPhone for example, are you open to attack then? Great advice and a few of the best apps are discussed in the present article to put your mind at rest.

Thankfully there are options to keep tabs on your iPhone should you lose it, or (perish the thought) it gets stolen. This article also indicates the ways you can then use your iPhone as a locator to track someone by mobile phone-- useful if you're worried about a teenager going out for the evening for example, so their security is upped by being iPhone equipped too.

There are many ways to go about mobile tracking but today will be talking about one particular cell phone tracker called Find My iPhone.  Find My iPhone is an application that can be employed on either the iPhone, iPad, or even the iPod Touch to locate them in the case that they are lost are stolen.

If you want some more options to choose from in order to guarantee the security of your information should your iPhone get stolen, then this round-up of the best tracking applications has plenty on offer to assist you to make an informed decision.

This review takes a detailed review the ins and outs of the' Find My iPhone' app. This does exactly what it says. Advantages of this app include that you can remotely wipe your information, display a message on the monitor, pinpoint your iPhone's location and even get it to sound an alarm. But what are the downsides? Read the review to find out.

The advice provided in this article is straightforward and simple. This is really what you need when you're dealing with a crisis like your iPhone being stolen. Go through the steps and you will be on your way to the resolution of the situation fast.

If you own a Swann security camera, you will be pleased to learn that you do not just have the possibility of viewing what your camera records from the Internet-- there's now an app for it. If you do not already own a Swann security camera, maybe this review might convince you it is a worthwhile purchase.

Here's another twist on the smartphone security debate-- smartphone snooping. There continues to be a security threat, in that your iPhone can be tracked and the emails destined for your device can be intercepted by government agencies. The storing of location information has been a hot topic this year. Find out how true the rumors are, and if you're gonna worry.

Passwords are needed for everything these days so it's no wonder we find ourselves hitting that 'forgot your password? ' Link so often. Of course passwords are required to protect your information and keep us secure. There are some great iPhone apps that can store your password in a secure way-so I guess you get a password to remember your passwords. This article takes a look at your best options in terms of password managers to keep your information safe.

Monday, 28. July 2014

Android Unlocked Phones - Some Thoughts

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Google recently added a new phone to its growing lineup of Nexus phones: the popular Samsung Galaxy S4. Nexus phones are marketed as running the 'pure' Android experience, meaning they do not run any software separate from the Android operating system, and are unlocked for use with any carrier. However, as with all phones you can buy unlocked, there's a substantial drawback: the price tag on unlocked phones tend to be very high, even compared to a carrier locked model of the exact same phone. When you buy most phones, the carrier helps subsidize the price of the phone. When you buy a Nexus phone, you are required to pay the full price, meaning the Nexus version of the S4 is $650, whereas buying it with a contract plan, on Verizon, for example, would cost $200 upfront with a contract service plan.

I know from experience that having an unlocked smartphone can be spectacularly convenient, especially since there is a lot less subsidization of the purchase price of phones being offered as two year contracts begin to disappear. It can be extraordinarily convenient to be able to get a high end, upper part of the line smartphone that you can then use with any service provider. However depending on how often you switch phones and how much you change cell carriers, buying an unlocked phone could mean paying over triple price for something you are not going to use. In my experience, while having an unlocked phone is convenient, it normally does not end up being useful, or something I 'd be prepared to pay a lot for, because by the time I actually want to switch carriers, my phone is already outdated, so it's easier to instead get a new contract when my old one expires and get an updated phone for less with the new contract. It really comes down to how long you plan on keeping your phone.

When you buy a phone on a contract from a carrier, it will cost you very little for many features. However then you'll be locked to use that phone only on that carrier and will have to adopt the package which the carriers have decided on. Getting an unlocked phone solves this problem. Basically an unlocked phone is a phone in which you can then use the network of any carrier provided you have a SIM card for that carrier. Unlocked means you're not bound by any contract and thus can use any carrier you want on your cell phone.

Going Forward: Android Unlocked Phones

Unlocked phones are extremely popular amongst eBay resellers because these phones can be sold to anyone, anywhere without having to worry about carriers.

A further drawback of buying the unlocked Nexus Galaxy S4 is that, while it is an unlocked phone, the only carriers it will be in a position to work with are AT&T and T-Mobile, meaning that even though you are willing to pay the extra $450 to get an unlocked S4, you are only going to have two options to choose from. Of course, the Nexus variant of the S4 is undoubtedly a better device than the standard, but it's doubtful whether its features as well as the fact that it is unlocked make it worth the price.

Thursday, 24. July 2014

Explaining Powerpoint Presentation On Artificial Intelligence

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Most PowerPoint presentations do not engage their audience. That's possibly because most PowerPoint presenters, or speakers as I prefer to call them, have not thought who their audience is, or what that means. If you want know how to make effective PowerPoint presentations, read on.

Tuesday, 22. July 2014

Some Thoughts On What Is The Latest Invention In Technology

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Renaissance brought along new ideas, beliefs as well as problems for the people. Things based on faith and belief gave way to reason and understanding. That was not only the establishment of novel ideas but also the start of a new standard of science and technology. Science is based on facts and has no room for superstitions. At present, science and technology is a field. This is growing enormously. News is a medium. This helps us get information about the current affairs of India.

Due to advancement in the field of science and technology, the world has become closer and the sense of togetherness is stronger. Everywhere you look, you see technology. One of the best inventions of the science and technology sector is the invention of computers. This has brought the people sitting millions of miles away very closer to you. Even cell phones are a blessing. There are millions of things based on technology, as well as the number is increasing with every passing minute. It has made the lives of the people so much easier. If we visualize the world after 15 years or so, it would be run by remote controls. Such is the magic of science that we are able to sit at home and know about the person sitting on the other side of the world, without much difficulty. The best part about his is, that it isn't confined to metropolitan cities. Even though villages are still lagging far behind but one cannot say that, they're untouched by technology.

There are various patent databases that are accessible by the public, USPTO, EPO, JPO, to name just a few. For instance, if you're looking for patents that are related to a particular technological area you'll find countless information regarding the whole process of technological innovation, such as the evolutionary path of a specific technology, it's technological development, technological diversification, technology merges, as well as the major players in specific technological area, and the main points of the specific technology.

The secret behind each major technological advancement and inventions are thousands of patents that were applied, filed and then put it into practical use. Fortunately for us the general public are well aware of the importance of patent application in developing tomorrow's technology. The number of patent applications is increasing at an enormously fast rate. Inventors not only from America but from other countries as well, are diligently working on their inventions as well as on patenting their ideas-- a clear sign that our nation's future is indeed in good hands. For as long as the American government continues to nurture innovation, then they'll remain as global leaders both in economy as well as technology.

Every day in the paper, we see a new invention or a discovery by the scientist. Even cures have been found for diseases. This were earlier considered fatal. Current affairs section is filled with such discoveries and the on going projects related to science and technology.

However, it's very important for the people to be updated with the latest current affairs in the science and technology world. This would finally make their lives easier. News related to the world of science would help you stay aware and stay vigilant.

Wednesday, 16. July 2014

Updates On Artificial Intelligence Questions And Answers

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NBC on June 7, 2010. In this series, seven strangers are kidnapped and brought to the individual rooms in a hotel in the midst of a ghost town. Planned as a miniseries, it is expected to wrap up the story in 13 episodes and answer all questions prior to the end of its run.

The Newswire says that IBM has partnered with MSKCC as part of an undisclosed deal. It is assumed that IBM will remain as a technical adviser, while researchers at MSKCC will perform the job of teaching Watson how to diagnose different cancers. This will be carried out by feeding him published papers, books, articles, and even medical histories of patients that are willing to allow that to happen.

Who or what is behind the abductions? Possible answers include aliens, the government, and artificial intelligence.

How many of the abductees lied about their fortunes? We know that Janet lied, but what about a few of the others? One slip of paper supposedly contained numerals, while another contained a message written in Chinese. However, we did not see them and have no idea whether or not either assertion is true.

Are all the abductees' families under surveillance? Janet's mother is being watched in her own home.

We should have the responses to all these questions and more towards the end of the series. If you are interested in Persons Unknown but missed the premiere, you always have a chance. According to NBC's website (here), the pilot episode is available online until July 1, 2010.

Tuesday, 08. July 2014

Android App Developer - Making A Choice

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Android has boomed the smart phone market ever since its debut. A huge demand has been felt in android application development as the market is swamped with Android-based smart phone as well as the number keeps on increasing daily. Due to the rise in android apps a substantial demand have been felt for Android Developers to create applications for meeting the ever increasing demands of the android users.

Sunday, 29. June 2014

Craving More Apple Ipod Used?

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When considering buying a refurbished iPod you needs to know that this means the iPod you'll be getting has been used. Rumor has it that a number of the refurbished iPods up for grabs have been used as sample testing items for Apple. As of right now, we do not know the real answer to that rumor but we do know that the refurbished iPod has indeed been used in some way.

USB 2.0 or Firewire cable, so you can then use it with a whole new computer, or an older model. Although the Apple Ipod 20g with Clickwheel is cheap and versatile, there are many reasons not to buy one. Here, in ascending order of importance, are the ten most vital reasons to pass by the Apple Ipod 20g with Clickwheel.

Tuesday, 24. June 2014

News: Study Artificial Intelligence

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The computer has evolved from the great hulking beast that once took up three rooms to the now portable versions that can be made anywhere. The abilities that the computers have are also highly advanced in comparison. The early machines did little more than help humans to solve complicated math problems and store large quantities of information. Today computers play movies and control complicated machinery and systems to help avoid human mistakes.

what is artificial intelligence.?
can please give information regarding artificial intelligence, as i have study this subject in this semester
  • Terminator type AI will never happen. The easiest way to explain it would be in terms of games. Think about a strategy game, like Starcraft. How do your enemies know to mine crystals and build armies and attack you? How do they balance their resources to do it in an efficient manner that makes them a difficult opponent. How do the ghosts know how to chase you in Pac Man? That's artificial intelligence. Of course, outside of games, AI has other uses. AI does things like look at weather patterns to predict natural disasters. AI could be used to help military officers determine what the enemy's probable next move will be. AI could be used to help scientists imagine what the state of atomic particles were like seconds after the big bang. And so on, and so on.

  • George W. Bush

  • A a human computer, like the terminator when ever a computer can problem solve like a human mind can

  • simple, its something created to have a working brain like a human so its programmed to do things like any other think about AI in a game, they are usually pretty good but not as good as the real thing :)

  • Monday, 23. June 2014

    Apple Apps Store Exposed

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    COMMENTARY | Appolicious reports that a recent study by Forbes was released on Feb.15, and it shows authorized Apple apps pose a greater security risk than unauthorized apps. The study revealed that one in each five authorized Apple apps transmitted user data back to the app creator. This means that the creator could track the user, and collect personal information about each user. When the study looked at unauthorized apps. These are typically downloaded by jail breaking the iPod or iPhone, only about 4 percent of apps transmitted user data back to the creator. As an owner of various Apple products, including the iPod Touch fourth generation, here's what this information could mean.

    Saturday, 21. June 2014

    League Of Legends Development

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    What do you do when you have a computer it is not a potato? Try Dota 2. And record a game, of course. You've got to read this: becoming a character.

    A MOBA noob takes a look at both Dota 2 and League of Legends and attempts to decide what's the best game for a beginner to pick up.

    In MOBA mashup, we take a look at how champions and heroes across different game franchises would stack up on each other in a 1v1 fight.

    The post Weekend time waster: this is what you get when a League of Legends player tries Dota 2 appeared first on Games in Asia.

    Have a look at the following webpage: pwn that game

    QUESTION: is league of legend a good games?
    is league of legend is a fun game and should I play it?
  • @justderping lol dont trust mobafire. it doesnt help you that much sometimes. Because when your laning an ad and mobafire tells you to get magicresist then your going to lose badly. So what i mean is trust your self and get items your self. Be smart. Anyways. League of legends is like dota/HoN etc but its easier than those. players in league of legends are mostly friendly/raging (well ragers i mean when you get to level30) We have TONS of characters you can choose. Riot games(League of legends company) make a new champion every 1-2 weeks. we have around 3 maps you can play. I recommand you to play it. Its free so why not try it. Btw League of Legends just got a new update for the map so now you pretty much dont have to worry about a low fps unless you have a computer thats made in 2001

  • If you know what a DotA clone game is like then yes... if you like that sort of gameplay. Don't go in expecting a RPG game like most out there. It's quite different. SALUDOS!

  • There's a learning curve if you plan to get into it. Sure, it's free. But are you going to take the time to learn how to play the game? League of Legends is a really competitive RTS (Real Time Strategy) game. It can be fun if you know what you're doing with your character, but nobody like a player that's not willing to co-operate with the rest of the team. If you do end up playing it, try out the character before buying one. Play some practice games with BOTS. Go on and learn the terminology and things about the game. Learn on what to spend your money on. Many people pick up this game for the "fun". While it is still a video game, yes, it can still be fun. But just realize that some people take it more seriously and play to win. So have fun, but make sure you practice. :) By the way, it is a good game.

  • Saturday, 14. June 2014

    High Tech Device - What?

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    One of the most modern inventions is the Portable Freezer. This is a battery operated device and works with the help of LED lights which are fixed on the upper most portion of the device which supplies the necessary lighting and helps to cool the device. It is either of the newest inventions and looks really trendy.

    Other high tech treatments are devices that can help rid pimples on your face fast, easily and safely. A new acne device heats pimples to a certain temperature killing the bacteria and usually getting rid of the pimple within just a few hours. This device resembles a pen and is portable. The device is relatively affordable and only costs a couple hundred dollars. You can purchase the device online and it's approved by the FDA. If you're looking to rid your face of pimples or scarring, look towards high tech acne treatments.

    Another new gadget that has come out is the dog umbrella leash. This is a brand new device which has been launched especially for pet dogs to be protected against the rain while going for walks during the rainy season. You just need to fix this attachment onto your dog's collar which is made of transparent PVC. It is quite reasonably priced and really a worth while investment for your pet.

    Of course, there's so much to consider regarding high tech device

    External USB drives have likewise become more high tech, savvy and trendy these days. They have become very speedy, more compact and have greater storage capacities.

    These are only some of the high tech gadgets that are in vogue today. There are numerous other devices that are described in the market for you to choose based on your needs. Just clicking online will get you informed of all the latest gadgets that have been launched.

    Thursday, 12. June 2014

    High Tech Office Design - Our Outline

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    Choosing the right furniture for an office can sometimes be confusing when there's so many styles, woods and finishes to choose from. One should always keep in mind what the decorating scheme is and make a purchase accordingly. Whatever style is selected should be included in the reception area so there's a good impression on first contact.

    One style of office won't suit each type of business so there's no set rules regarding what is the best office style, of course. Imagine the office of your local garage and compare it with the bureau of a high-tech creative or artistic director ? do they look the same when you visualise them in your mind? Probably not, these professionals have different tasks to conduct and the style of office design will reflect that, as the ideal office of any business will take account of the business itself.

    So, the purpose of the agency, and who is using it will influence the office design. An office that requires one work station for one part time manual worker won't get the same practical or design issues as an office that employs hundreds of persons to carry out sophisticated administrative tasks, for example.

    Companies such as magazine executive offices, design studios, and many others, who like a starting effect, often choose Urban chic. This is done by painting the walls white and having modern, black furniture. Decorations on the wall usually consist of black and white etchings or some outstanding design.

    Interior office design is being driven by modular office furniture, moveable walls and partitions. Movable walls are there to connect people not to segregate or isolate them.

    New office furniture systems allow quick reconfiguration unlike old systems of immovable floor-to-ceiling walls and free-standing desks. Everything in today's office is intended for ultimate flexibility; everything is modular to allow changes to take place without disturbing carpets, ceilings and cabling systems. Modern office furniture products are built for today's fast and mobile pace.

    The furniture in this office usually features a desk that is designed with a sweeping form, completely opposite from the traditionally square one. The desk chair may be the standard, cushioned chair, with very thin arms or none at all. A new chair for this kind of office has appeared on the scene. It is formed to fit the organization and can be adapted to fit both the back and the seat. The main idea this sort of an office is attempting to portray is that they're the last in modern technology and have broken away from traditional offices.

    Investing in Office Furniture can be expensive. It is important that the right thing be made to choose items that will be appropriate, for this reason. Having traditional furniture in a high tech office would turn off potential customers, as they would feel the company was not current on modern trends. Having high tech furniture, on the other hand, in a traditional office would provide a potential investor that the company was not respectful of the significance of the occasion. There is something appropriate for any kind of business with the vast variety of this furniture on the market.

    Thursday, 05. June 2014

    Artificial Intelligence Technologies In Business Uncovered

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    This hub is dedicated to those business persons who don't have any need to be ranked amongst the best in academic excellence, yet who've or are building their own successful business empires.

    QUESTION: what is difference between artificial intelligence and business intelligence ?
    I was actually trying to look at the difference between artificial intelligence and business intelligence , as my area of interest in data mining and where the extension of data mining is used whether in AI or BI.
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) is technology and a branch of computer science that studies and develops intelligent machines and software. Major AI researchers and textbooks define the field as the study and design of intelligent agents, where an intelligent agent is a system that perceives its environment and takes actions that maximize its chances of success. Business intelligence (BI) is a set of theories, methodologies, processes, architectures, and technologies that transform raw data into meaningful and useful information for business purposes. BI can handle large amounts of information to help identify and develop new opportunities. Making use of new opportunities and implementing an effective strategy can provide a competitive market advantage and long-term stability.

  • AI has a specific meaning ( ) . You might use AI in business, just as you might use it in any area. Business intelligence ( ) might use AI and/or other methods and technologies.